But can it also be a solid and a gas?

I'm working a maize theme today with a quick nod to trendspotter Faith Popcorn's 2007 predictions. This one caught my eye:

Liquid Brands

Today’s consumers are capricious and non-committal. Brands will have to become more liquid to keep up with their constantly moving targets.

The Future: Chameleon-like brands focus less on communicating a static message and more on being the right thing for the right persona at the right time. Constantly morphing retailers carry products until they sell out and never restock.

Personally, I foresee an outcome that's a little less extreme, i.e., brands that are midway between a solid and a liquid; a brand slurry if you will. Brands will hang on to established traits and values, but the offering will be more fluid and customizable.

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Anonymous said...

I never got the restock thing. I know it can drive demand, but I'd rather have a happy consumer and a few left on the shelf than pissing off those who left the store without one.

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