banner campaign and landing page that work as a team

Casey points to a really sweet campaign for Wamu bank. He clicked on a banner ad (!) and was led to this landing page. The landing page addresses you, fully understanding that it's a landing page. Even better, as you mouse over items like "Why Apply?" landing page continues to address you, with cute little items like:

"Personally, I like my checks to have unicorns on them."

This is great on a few levels:

1. A bank with a sense of humor is a bank that feels human.
2. Acknowledging an ad campaign as an ad campaign takes the edge off the sell.
3. It's entertaining. Copywriting, creative and programming all singing together.

Nice job. Thanks Casey!

1 comment:

*IPHQ* said...

If more people did stuff like this with their banners, I might actually click on one once in a while.

WAMU gets it. Although, I did have the displeasure of seeing the "naked bankers" commercial last night, which was disturbing.

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