What's in a name?

A little more than ten years ago, we founded VIA. The Visual Intelligence Agency. 1996 was a fun time. Remember dial-up? So much has changed, and we have too.

More importantly, we're in a position to offer our clients new and exciting services that didn't even exist back in 1996. We're doing some things now (and planning on some others) that won't fit well under the old banner of VIA. So we're about to embark on a complete re-branding of our firm. Proof that even a branding firm needs a re-branding every once in a while.

VIA is about to become Plaid.
Within the next few weeks, our agency will officially become known as Plaid.

As a great example of how things have changed, we plan on sharing the entire process of our re-branding. We're plaid-blogging. We'll have a weekly update here on BrandFlakes, and more frequent details at what will become our new site, ThinkPlaid.com.

There's so much to tell you, and we're more stoked than ever about where things are going. Get ready to paint the town Plaid.


Jane said...

They've gone to plaid!! hah!
Great Spaceballs reference :)

nobody said...

ballsy move after eleven years under the current dba; i like it! good luck - we'll be pulling for you.

Anthony said...

OK. Now I'm even more excited to interview on Thursday. Well done, Darryl.

Troy Mc said...

You're joking, right?

darryl ohrt said...

No joke, Troy - it's for real. You can watch it all unfold at ThinkPlaid.com

Anonymous said...

Will you be offering "Plaid Stamps"?

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