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Here's what happened this week at the world's most plaid design and branding firm:

Geez - this was a crazy week. We announced that we're re-branding our firm - from VIA to Plaid. You can read about the entire process as we build the Plaid brand, on We welcome comments and input. Yesterday, we posted some logo ideas. More cool announcements coming next week.

We launched a site redesign for Union Savings Bank, a regional bank chain in CT. You'll especially appreciate Dave's design work when you see the "before" screen grab.

Giuli got to play the part of a hand model for a postcard campaign that Justus is working on. And she touched a Wii, in the process. She walks around the office wearing gloves now, and insists that everyone open doors for her.

I began the interview process for the design position we have open. Interviews continue over the next couple of weeks. Send your stuff if you're interested.

We're looking for an intern this summer, too. Know of anyone? Please send them our way. We'll be nice. Mostly.


Anonymous said...

Thought this might interest you guys, and since it's eye trickery at its best, would also be appropriate for April Fools day:

3D Holographic Lexus Ad, courtesy of

PS, I still read your blog and it's still awesome.

darryl ohrt said...


Awesome link. I'll try and add it as a full fledged post, too.

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