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Here's what happened this week at the world's most popular design and branding firm:

I wrote a piece for the SmartBiz blog on Twitter. If you haven't already registered a Twitter name, you might want to do so. I'm finding, that especially with tech-oriented news, you hear about things on Twitter at least a day before blogs. And still more than a week or two before mainstream media. ;)

Leigh's down in FLA shopping for homes. Reminder, agencies in Orlando, this is your big chance. We're narrowing down candidates for interviews for Leigh's position. It's not too late to get in the door.

Giuli turned 30 this week. Sooo old. She's leaving now for the early bird special.

Both David AND Justus got flat tires this week. We're pretty sure that Leigh's cutting tires in the parking lot. With a switchblade.

We received our first samples of the Flambeau River Papers sample book that Leigh designed. Awesome. Beautiful. Wonderful.

Met with a real estate development company about the branding of a new property they're developing. It's a unique property, geared towards 20-30 somethings. We've never worked on brand strategy for a property development before, so we're pretty stoked about the possibilities.

We've got some really, really, really big news to announce next week....stay tuned.

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