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Here's what happened this week at the world's most snowlicious design and branding firm:

Our rooftop patio says "it's time to be warm. It's time to relax in the sun and drink alcoholic beverages." Winter should be over now.

What a crazy week. Loads of new business pitches. We had a wonderful meeting with a hospital about a re-branding campaign, a lesser than exciting company that makes widgets, and a fairly prominent theater. The hospital's pretty much on board, and we're feeling good about the others.

Spent a lot of time experimenting with Twitter.

Presented conceptual work to a bunch of clients, including an exciting new Second Life project.

We actually had an outside designer present to us. This was a real weird experience, as we're not accustomed to sitting on the client side of the table. We've been buried beyond belief, and haven't had the right amount of time to devote to self promo stuff. Got some really cool input, ideas and design work. More later.

OH YEAH - We're hiring. You know you want to work here. Let's make it happen.

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