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David and Leigh discovered that Giuli pronounces iPod Nano like she's from England. Or from a really snotty suburb of Connecticut. She pronounces it "Naaahno." People from the south are wacky.

David and Paul launched a site redesign for a small accounting firm. It's a first stage launch, and there will be more to come. Silly accountants.

Leigh nearly finished two online games as part of a larger project, that we'll be launching soon. It'll be a fun way to waste some time, when it's live.

We just started working with the ECA. This will be awesome. They're a group devoted to fighting for gamer's rights. Can't wait to tell you more about what we're planning.

Leigh went to Colorado to go skiing this weekend. We're all jealous. I think we'll put peanut butter on her office chair, just to teach her a lesson.

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