scientific proof that itunes likes lionel richie

We've suspected this for years. That iTunes shuffle may not actually be random. There are even conspiracy theorists who believe the music industry pays Apple to see their tunes get more frequent play. Our concern is more personal. Kenny Rogers.

We have a music server in our office, and everyone has loaded their collection into itTunes. A sound system is wired throughout our space, and it plays on shuffle all day. You can hear just about anything at our firm. Someone (who looks a lot like this) thought it would be funny to add Kenny Rogers to the library. For a while it was. Just like the Journey songs. But I swear - iTunes LOVES Kenny Rogers.

And apparently, it's not our imagination. CNet has a story (and a study) showing just how random iTunes really is. The graph above is proof of Lionel Richie love.

You gotta know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold 'em.....

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