news media without a clue

In the old days, didn't journalism require actual reporting of truth, and investigating details? Didn't stories require fact checking? Not today. Watching the local news is almost painful. Or hilarious, dependent on what mood you're in.

Here's a great example of an entire news team looking like asshats, as they use half a dozen emo parody sites in their story, mistaking them for reality. Geez, I wonder why people are getting their news from the internet?

1 comment:

*IPHQ* said...

I saw this thing a couple days ago and forwarded it on to some friends of mine. I was little bit more harsh than using clueless as a word to describe these people. Sure, I hate emo just as much as the next guy, but when you present a news story like this it just shows how stupid at least half of this country is. All I can say is that that's not my sheriff.

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