giuli's an old woman

Giuli turned 30 today. So to celebrate, we got her a cake featuring the two things that she really loves. Lemurs, and the word y'all. Yeah, I know.

Even though she's lived in New England for several months now, she insists on throwing that y'all word around every once in a while. Which, you know, doesn't always go over well with New Englanders.

If that wasn't bad enough, she's got some strange fascination with Lemurs. We had never heard of them until she arrived, but I guess they're some form of really rare (and super ugly) monkey. She insists "they're not monkeys!" but they sure look like crazy, ugly monkeys to me. Yeah - all the causes in the world, and she picks Lemurs.

So anyway, that's why Giuli's birthday cake says Y'all, and has Lemurs on it. In case you were wondering.

Birthday greetings can be sent to giuli AT

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If she likes lemurs so much, maybe she'll like the band, the lemurs.

They're pretty cool.

Happy Birthday Giuli!

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