for sale: second life skate park

We've built an amazing skate park in Second Life for a client that's had a change in their marketing plan, where Second Life doesn't make sense.

So we're putting the park up for sale. It's ready to launch - in minutes. The park features some of the most advanced vehicle movement systems within Second Life. It's fun - residents that we've shared private tours with are stoked about the skating function, and that there's something to do in this build.

This is an excellent opportunity for a brand that's looking for a quick entry into Second Life, but doesn't want a lame, boring place. Like the Sears store.

We're not looking to make a buck on it, as much as we want to see the work live. So we'll work with you, if your brand is appropriate for the park. Sports companies, youth brands, here's your chance....


Troy Mc said...

There are already lots of skate parks in SL. Moopf Murray makes some great skates that you can get for less than a buck. What differentiates one skate park from another are the people who go there and what they do with it. If your brand would like to associate itself with a community built around a skate park, then this looks like a nice opportunity, but don't blow it by putting up billboards and being absent. Set up regular events at the park, visit with the people who come, and everyone will have a great time.

darryl ohrt said...

A agree Troy. SL has enough brands with empty islands that provide nothing to residents.

We've got some cool ideas for this park, that we'll gladly share with anyone willing to take it on.

Separately - we believe that the skate function in this park is more advanced than ANYTHING currently live in SL. But we'll let the fans decide on that one.

Troy Mc said...

It's not about the technology. Remember betamax? It was better than VHS.

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