the end of old school radio

BoingBoing reports on a device that was getting a ton of buzz at South by Southwest, called Slacker. It's an internet radio station (both free and premium offerings) AND they're coming out with a hardware device - that feeds off of wifi OR satellite feeds.

The difference is that this device uses existing satellites, so they don't have to blast their own hardware into space, like Sirius or XM do. We'd assume this means satellite radio really cheap. Internet in our car is just moments away. Can't wait.


*IPHQ* said...

Cool device. Radio still exists?

darryl ohrt said...

Haha. I'm with you.

The funniest thing is to watch a bunch of teenagers getting into a car today. When I was their age (can't believe I just said that), there was a fight for what radio station was listened to.

Today, it's "whose iPod is going to get plugged in??"

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