agencies in orlando: your lucky day

Our loss is your gain!

Meet Leigh. She's one of our uber talented designers on staff at VIA.

Leigh's freakin' husband went and got himself some new, super awesome job in Orlando Florida. I guess he makes a bunch of money. Or at least more than Leigh does.

We've tried to convince her that she should leave him, and consider herself married to the agency - but she's not buying that.

So - Leigh is moving south. She'll be looking for opportunities in Orlando, to start sometime in May or June. Maybe April - but don't push it.

Wanna meet her? Interview her? You're welcome to contact her at our firm, through email (Leigh AT and make some great things happen. She'll be traveling to Orlando on a few occasions in the next few weeks, as she spends that husband salary on a big new house. You could probably interview her in-between house hunts.

Get her NOW - before your competition does!

Oh yeah - and of course, this means we're hiring....

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