whiskey barrels are boring

Think an empty whiskey barrel is boring? Check out the Jack Daniels promotional site where users can WIN A FREE EMPTY, USED BARREL. (Sorry for the Jack Bauer speak - I got my Jacks mixed up temporarily, in an effort to create excitement.) They've brought boring to a new level.

I'm trying to imagine the conference room where a bunch of Jack Daniels executives rallied behind this, saying "we'll get thousands of people to sign up, and build our direct marketing lists!"

It's not that you can't make an empty whiskey barrel exciting - I really think you can. It's that they didn't even try. I can think of about a 36 cool ideas that might actually excite people about old whiskey factory trash. C'mon, Jack. Found on Promo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They probably could’ve just left these around college dorms for free.

“Dude, sweet. Coffee table!”

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