what smart kids do at art school

As a part of her MFA Thesis Project at the Visual Research Laboratory, State University of New York, Amy Papaelias created TypeTalk Fonts.

Most kids would produce a couple of fonts, and call it a day. But no. She's create a tool where you can type in a sentence, and it will automatically "translate" the sentence into the "language" appropriate for that font. For instance, "So I told him, we'd better get going." translates to "So I told him, like we'd better get goin', you know." using the Shy Slacker tool.

If she's doing this caliber stuff in college, I imagine she'll be controlling the world in about five years. From Notcot.

1 comment:

*IPHQ* said...

Reminds me of the old school translators back in the day. My favorite one was the Jive application. You'd run it on your green screen Mac. You'd type in a sentence and it would convert it to jive.

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