pepsi pinball

Pepsi launches a new fun spot (with one of their many new can designs), to the tune of Elton Motello's/Plastic Bertrand's 1970's new wave song "Jet Boy Jet Girl." AdRants wonders if it's another ad agency conspiracy of male on male love. ("Not that there's anything wrong with it.")

The original song was recorded by Elton Motello, and then Plastic Bertrand redid the song, with new lyrics - to include reference to gay sex. I'm not sure (cuz, I don't speak French, and don't have time to investigate) but I think Pepsi used the original Elton Motello version. So the homophobes can still drink Pepsi, without worry.

I especially enjoyed the spot, after catching a little bit of Tommy on television this weekend. What a visual festival for the eyes. Pinball's back, baby.

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