g pure energy rocks in full orange effect

Hooters could learn a thing or two from the folks over at G Pure Energy. Yes, the energy drink aisle is overflowing with guarana drinks. Yes, you've got to compete with the Coke and Pepsi products. So....why not do something different?

G Pure Energy appears to have done exactly that. Three things that make this product remarkable:

1. Unique package design. Actually, beautiful package design. Although I'm pretty sure that the silver shiny box was reserved for press only. Oversized screw tops are awesome.

2. A memorable logo. A really, really, cool logo. Start buttons are awesome.

3. Unique flavor. I'm pretty sure there aren't other energy drinks that come in the flavor of orange. In fact, with the exception of my fave, Tab (which comes in the flavor of pink), most of the energy drinks are slight variations of each other.

Now, I'll need to find some and actually taste it. And it looks like it goes well with Vodka. Mmmmm. I'll have a V & G.


Anonymous said...

is it plastic or glass? looks a bit like a perfume bottle but definitely a nice change of pace. especially in comparison to the Hooters nascar-ish styling of their swill. or are they selling breast milk?

Anonymous said...

Just tried the orange flavor. The original flavor is better in my opinion. Orange flavored drinks require more sugar I think to be tasty :)

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