fandom works

Last week was a pretty bad week for Jet Blue. Founder and CEO David Neeleman sent a letter of apology to all of their existing customers on Wednesday. This is on top of his video apology, and previous statements. This wasn't just a letter to the people who were stuck in airports last week, but an open letter to every previous customer (or at least every registered frequent flyer). And for the most part, their fans are forgiving them.

Here's why: Their customers were already in love with the brand. It's easy to forgive someone that you care about, or believe in. Especially when they ask for your understanding, and admit to their mistakes. If Continental Airlines was in the same boat, would their customers feel the same way? I'm guessing no.

So there's a great lesson learned here for every brand. Turn your customers into fans. Love your customers, and make sure they love you back. When the time comes, they'll be there for you. Because what the world needs now...oh, geez, I've really lost it. Time to go shave my head.

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