chicks like to ski, too

The ski industry just woke up and discovered girls. Like the snowboard industry has been doing successfully for years, they're aggressively targeting the women in the household. The keeper of the purse strings. The person who says whether or not we're going to the mountain this weekend. The person who might wear pink snow pants.

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Leigh said...

Personally, I think the ski industry started targeting women, the second they developed skis and boots made specifically for women in the late 90's.

Before that, products were made based on specs for men and the label "womens" was just thrown on them. (Any winter sports store will agree with that.)

It's sad how long it has taken the consumer industry in general, to realize what a force young girls and women are - and how much money they spend.

I laughed when I saw Home Depot's new ads recently - they're finally realizing that Lowes filled a gap in the home improvement industry - by aggressively targeting women.


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