what to do with the gap

A bunch of business hot shots and branding geeks, (like Seth Godin, Love Goel, a former Federated executive, Kerry Feuerman, creative director at Fallon and a few others) talk about how to fix the Gap, in this week's AdAge.

Another idea: They could just make clothes that people want to wear.


Anonymous said...

Although I thank God every day that I am now an earning graphic designer, I did put myself through school managing a few retail stores in the southeast for the Gap.

So let me say from personal experience that the Gap's biggest problem IS merchandise selection. Either they truly have no clue what their customer wants or they are deliberately ignoring them!

In almost seven years as a Gap manager, "we" [any of the managers I ever talked to] were never polled once from corporate about what the feedback from the customer was.

The Gap sources most of its merchandisers from big-name artsy fashion schools, and most of its corporate employees from Ivy-league schools... people with ZERO FIELD EXPERIENCE, and ZERO CONTACT WITH THE GAP'S ACTUAL CUSTOMERS.

There you have it: a true insider's perspective. And you heard it first right here at BrandFlakes For Breakfast!

darryl ohrt said...

Great insight, Hal. And I'm sure you're right.

I don't know what it is about retail organizations, but so many of them assume their personnel at the store level are brainless monkeys. (And many customers treat employees with the same respect, unfortunately.)

A handful of the more successful retailers actively involve their store managers, and REALLY act on their input. Just like any good company in the corporate world does.

Seems so much like common sense, but I'm always blown away by the stories I hear from friends in retail, about the way their organizations are managed. Major retail is in a sad state, IMO.

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