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Here's what happened this week at the world's most exciting design and branding firm:

Justus won Lotto. Not enough to retire, but a few thousand dollars. And then he ran to the Apple store. Because that's what designers do, when they fall into money.

We were robbed. Some asshat broke into our office over the weekend. Funny, that after smashing through a window, he walked right past several g5 computers, an iBook laptop, and loads of expensive video equipment. He opted instead to rifle through drawers, looking for cash. Hehe. Cash. In a design firm. Clearly, he didn't understand. Luckily, our alarm system worked, and scared him off before he had time to realize his stupidity.

We presented conceptual internet work for new client Spherion. Looks like this will be a fun project, some cool people, and spectacular end results. More later.

Presented conceptual work for an accounting firm's website, an outdoor adventure program company, and dug into concepts for a Kayak manufacturer. We're off to a good start in January!

Winter came for a day. It was cold on Wednesday. But today it's back near 50 degrees. We all want to snowboard. Bad.

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