some stuff i noticed while on holiday break

Just a couple of things that I saw, that you might find interesting or appropriate:

Ron Mueck and Annie Leibovitz shows at the Brooklyn Museum. Wish they allowed photos of the Mueck sculptures. Words can't describe. Awesome. Visit if it comes to your town, or get to Brooklyn now.

My new favorite place to shop: Uniqlo. Apparently, these are on every corner in Japan (and hipster Leigh has been to them.) Well, they're new to NYC. Beautiful store design, and somewhat unique point of purchase signage. Instead of "sale," or "clearance," signs say things like "give" or "love." Their ad campaign features great shots of cool people like Kim Gordon, from Sonic Youth. Already been there too many times, and spent too much money.

This new store design really makes me want to go inside McDonalds. Mmmmmm. Old school meets Starbucks?? The inside features really nice lighting and stone walls, like a ski lodge. I like it.

Target did a good job of pwning Times Square. The best idea - confetti with their logos, and inspiring words. What other opportunity do you have to drop kabillions of logos on people, and not be called a litter bug?

By New Year's Day morning, I was already sick and tired of weight loss commercials.


Anonymous said...

For the record, the Target confetti did not reach the losers at 7th & 40th. But I'll still shop there.

Here's an idea for next year - place some big screens in the way back showing the TV coverage, plaster them with your brand, hand out stuff, win some new fans from the bored latecomers.

Anonymous said...

Was staying at the Westin Times Square New Years Eve and was struck by the number of Orange, Mad Hatter-type hats with the Chevy logo on them that people were wearing. They were everywhere - even on the heads of pretzel vendors and I did see them multiple times on "New Year's Rockin' Eve" on ABC. The only criticism I have is that Chevy did not make them big enough to block Ryan Seacrest's head.

darryl ohrt said...

Hmmm. Giuli, you need to subscribe to Bill Baker's blog. Clearly he's doing something right:

Giuli = cold, 7th and 40th, can't see the stage or main activities;

Bill = Warm room in the Westin, looking out from a window, while ordering drinks from room service.

And I really want to comment on Ryan Seacrest, but can't think of anything funny enough right now.

ohrt, out.

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