second life, half life - some uses in real life

There's been a lot of debate about any actual marketing value for Second Life. Many of the complaints we hear are related to "but what do you do in Second Life?" And I've posted before about how some brands are wasting their users time.

It sounds like Universal Pictures is on the right track. They've created an "in life" contest, where a participant can win one million Linden dollars. They've duplicated a hotel from the film Smokin' Aces in Second Life, and users can hunt down other people. Or something like that - we haven't checked it out yet. We're very busy in our first life.

Which, btw - you have to check out the hilarious Second Life parody, Get a First Life. Pretty funny.

Meanwhile, some zany architects have come up with a unique use for the Half Life game engine. Half Life is a pc game, evolved from an older PC game Quake. The gamers really dig it. So anyway - some developers/architects/people with a lot of time created a walk through of Frank Lloyd Wright's infamous Kaufmann House. The video clip is above.

Some architects are contemplating the game engine's use for client presentations. Cool, but I actually think that one might be better in Second Life.

Confused about life yet?

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