revolution health is well, revolutionary?

This is an interesting launch. It's a great example of new internet tools, design and thinking being brought to something that you thought was already done - or even overdone. Or so boring, and already done by everyone else, that it's not worth looking at again.

Health Care information. Health care sites are hardly exciting, and it would seem like that's been pretty well covered on the interweb. But Revolution Health has come at the health care industry with a new angle. Dare I say, a "web 2.0" angle.

It's also interesting that Steve Case is involved in this. Maybe now is the time to reinvent everything that's already been done on the internet. Can design and new internet tools reinvent your business? From BrainFuel.

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Anonymous said...

The company just laid off 70 people.

They have no solid business model.

They expect people to plunk down $129 a year for stuff they can get free.

Sounds real revolutionary....

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