MINI billboards customized to car owners

I bought a MINI a few months ago, so I've been able to experience their self-promotion first hand. It's really amazingly impressive branding machine, that doesn't end when you drive off the lot.

Nearly every month after my purchase, I've received something special in the mail from MINI. Everything from a "MINI parking" stencil kit, to a box of car entertainment goodies. This is quite effective in turning brand enthusiasts into brand evangelists. MINI owners feel like they're in a special club. I've never experienced this with any other auto brand.

So it's no surprise to see their latest outdoor campaign. They're sending RFID key fobs to MINI owners in select cities. You can then go online and program your own message. Then, when you drive your MINI under the billboard, it displays your personal message, for everyone to see. I wonder if they'll allow expletives.

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