a kodak moment

The Kodak production above has been around the internet for a few weeks now - and viewed by well over a hundred thousand people. It's acclaimed viral status because it's entertaining, and it resonates truth and emotion. (Although a little long, IMO)

Of course, everyone's talking about Rosie and Donald. I believe their brew ha-ha captures the public's attention for some of the same reasons. They're throwing political correctness out the window, and telling it like it is. Donald's hair. Rosie's weight. And Kodak's Advantix. Things people might talk about in their homes or offices everyday. (OK, it's been a while since anyone brought up the Advantix mistake).

Virginia over at Brains on Fire has a good post pointing to the same clip, and some wonderful words about being honest, and admitting mistakes. And how, sometimes that's necessary to keep your brand connected to it's audience.

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