good stuff to keep you unproductive

Two really impressive Flash productions have come to my attention in the last couple of days.

The first, Roxic, allows users to create their own animated character, who immediately comes to life, replicates into a cast of thousands and dances. Your character dances live, until he's replaced by the next user's character. It's social. Pretty cool.

Next is Hedgehog, which I guess works a little like Sonic the Hedgehog (hence the name), but I'm really not sure, not having been a hedgehog fan. I've got a pretty short attention span for video games, especially Flash games. Everything has been done before. But Hedgehog is pretty cool. The game play isn't anything you haven't seen before - but the fluid, smooth Flash work is awesome.

Careful, it's Monday. Your boss will expect some work to be done today.

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