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Here's what happened this week at the world's most hoppin' design and branding firm:

Leigh has lit the Brand Flakes Gift Guide on fire with a bunch of new ideas. If you haven't already checked this out - visit today for some creative gift ideas for creative people.

David nearly completed a site he's been working on with Paul, for Switchfoot. Should launch next week. Titled Oh, Gravity!, the site pulls clips from YouTube that feature crashes, faceplants and other pleasant action sport type incidents. I think this is a great use of existing technology and tools, and bringing them together to create something unique. And it's fun to watch people destroy themselves. ;)

Leigh completed work on a site for K-OS, which when live, will allow fans to upload their own photos to be featured in the online video player. Great video, and cool work. Not launching till January, and we can't wait for you to see it.

Leigh designed logos for an island we're working on in Second Life. Much more on this later.

David worked on some conceptual treatments for a new Snowboard Catalog for SnowJam, Zuma and Spice brands.

Justus conceptualized a sales brochure for a new kind of residential construction company.

We tested hippity hops in our office this week. We even popped one. Giuli is pictured above, with the evidence. Didn't really think that was possible with industrial rubber, but it is.

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