this week at via - leigh didn't fart episode

Here's what happened this week at the world's most tab-friendly design and branding firm:

Today I celebrated my birthday. And we celebrated with my love of Tab. It's what real men drink - don't believe that girlie advertising.

We had a couple of fun shoots this week - one for a client, where we actually got to put a person INSIDE a giant inflatable snow globe. Oh, the fun you can have inside a snowglobe. Try it sometime.

At a shoot for a self promotional piece that we're producing, can i say this...well, here's the story:

We're all sitting in the conference room, playing our parts for the camera and we hear a very loud BRRRRRFFFFT. I'm not sure how you spell fart sound - but you get the picture.

We quickly attributed the sound to Leigh. Mostly because she's so dainty and lady like. That's what you get around here. Anyway - as soon as it's edited, we'll of course share the sound that rocked the agency. Coming soon to a YouTube near you. (For the record, there was no real fart. Just construction noise from downstairs.)

Oh yeah - and there was some work this week too. Paul and David are working on a new microsite for Switchfoot, and also doing some work for 30 Seconds to Mars.

Leigh's working on a cool social site for k-os.

Justus and Brent produced some slick video work for Union Savings Bank, a regional bank chain, while David and Eliza continued work on their web re-design.

That's all that I can remember now. I'm old, you know.

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