only 4 days till sugar coma

There's one thing that we love here more than cool t-shirts, more than a casual dress code, more than Apple products (well, maybe). And that thing is sugary treats.

And - it just so happens that our most talented-with-the-words copywriter has yet another supreme gift. The talent of baking. The truth is, Eliza could quit her career of writing brilliant ad copy and internet content today, and retire to a life of baked goodness.

Each year, on a very special day, Eliza shows up to our office with a bag of this magic. Just the thought of one concoction in particular, "white trash", has had us salivating since the day after Thanksgiving.

So, Leigh put together the countdown widget above signaling how many days are left before we go into sugar coma. In the meantime, we've been filling our stomachs with rice and bird seed, in an effort to stretch them, so we can eat even more.

If you're in the area (or want to book air travel now), use the countdown clock above as your guide. Mmmmmmm. White Trash.

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