office max in holiday overdrive

Maybe you never thought of Office Max as the place to go holiday shopping. So they've turned on the microsite overdrive switch to convince you. No less than TWENTY microsites for the holidays. That's TWENTY. 20.

DaBitch over at Adland has chronicled them all. (Permalink is currently broken, scroll down to Dec 2 post.) This is a great idea. Once you know there's multiple sites, don't you just want to check out a bunch of 'em??? Why work at all today?

My favorite: Don't shoot your eye out. Here's a few others:

Shake the Globe
My Holiday Sweater
Conspiracy Carols
Seansons Sculpting
Guess My Gift

I'm not as ambitious as DaBitch, so go to Adland for the full list, or click on the bottom right on any of the above microsites. Enjoy. Your boss doesn't expect much productivity in December, anyway.

1 comment:

Dabitch said...

correction, credit to caffeinegoddess who collected them all, not me! ;)

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