god likes rodents too.

And especially really brainy squirrels, I guess. I love it when churches allow for great creative work. Because it's so unexpected, it really comes across strong.

EZ Answer squirrel is the all-knowing rodent who can answer all of life's questions. Which, promotes the site Wondercafe. Which, promotes the United Church of Canada. Just when you thought church wasn't allowed to be cool, along came a squirrel who changed everything. Work by Smith Roberts, Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

I passed this video around our office today to get the reaction from my co-workers. Everyone was shocked that this was produced by a church! I wanted to see if the wondercafe web site would have the same 'spirit' as the video and was pleased with the options and ability to interact. Interesting stuff -- and a sign that at least some churches are breaking the traditional rules and are utilizing the latest mediums to reach target audiences.

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