zune. a marketing lesson.

I'll leave the Zune hype and critiques to the tech blogs - and people smarter than me, and refrain from comment on the new MS project.

But Grant McCracken - he's a smart guy - and he's written a great post with a real marketing perspective.

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Peter Patau said...

Grant focuses on the Zuny Tunes pricing, but that's just the beginning of Microsoft's marketing woes here. The name Zune is part of the problem, and a significant part. The words iPod and iTunes are variations of real words that point to real things. But what's a Zune? What does it point to? Nothing. Plus, it rhymes with all kinds of things Microsoft probably doesn't want to rhyme with, including Apple's dominant and highly successful music marketplace. Not smart. Downright Zuny (sorry). And that's without mentioning the screwy MS "points" ordering system Grant talked about or shared songs that evaporate after 3 days or the inability to use the device as a portable hard drive.

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