unilever promotes product by not promoting it

A pretty cool game called the Stunt man, uses Flash and video clips, and you get to throw a guy against a wall, onto a car, etc. All to promote Action City LA, and some mysterious Unilever product. This is a lost opportunity, since the product is not immediately clear to the player. Unilever money, working hard for nothing. From Josh Spear.


Anonymous said...

It's for (I don't know how it is marketed over there, but in Europe it is as follows) Rexona deodorant. Guess it is part 2 after Stunt City.

Davis Freeberg said...

Talk about weak, I have no idea what the ad is trying to sell. It's a fun little game, but not enough easter eggs hidden in it and the time limit is lame. Who wants to be restricted by time on the internet? I think Unilever would have been better off throwing whoever approved the budget for this commercial against the walls instead of the stunt man.

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