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Here's what happened this week at the world's most excellent design and branding firm:

David completed design work on a site for a GPS manufacturer. Brent and Paul did some spectacular Flash work and super-coding on the project too.

Justus and David both did a little bit of work on the VIA holiday card. It's good. Just wait.

David also designed cover art for a benefit CD for the National Adoption Foundation.

Leigh was buried in direct mail all week. Not always the most glamorous of work, but she's made it shine.

Giuli shopped more than ever.

We bought our first island for a client in Second Life - and are on the way to putting together something we believe is pretty spectacular.

I went to Minneapolis, and spent some quality time at a national sales meeting for Cellmark Paper, and Flambeau River Papers. Talking to the team about branding, and learning a lot about paper. And pulp, and stuff.

While at the meeting, I had the pleasure of seeing Walter Bond speak. An ex-NBA player, Walter was an amazing motivational speaker. I don't normally find anything about team sports or athletes entertaining - but this guy was really good. If your firm is considering hiring a speaker at any future event, I'd highly recommend this guy. Awesome, and inspiring.

The plumber installed the official VIA dishwasher in our kitchen. You can now safely drink from our cups and mugs, should you ever visit.

Sadly, Leigh had to put her family dog down today. :( Send warm thoughts.

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