some british people watch less tv now

Just another survey that shows people are watching content online. In case you were looking for proof that this internet thing is catching on. Except it seems, some Brits aren't watching:

"...two-thirds of the population said they did not watch online and could not envisage starting in the next 12 months."

Wow. Lighten up. What's got you so busy in the next 12 months? Is British tv really that good? The good news is that most who do watch online now watch less tv. I guess that's good news. Since I don't work in TV, I guess it really doesn't matter. Now I'm rambling again.

1 comment:

Craig Killick said...

Maybe it's because TV is still so much easier to watch the old fashion way.

I am not a big fan of TV but programmers do tend to put appropriate programmes on at appropriate times for the audience.

Just because online commentators suggest that we should all be online now. Why? when it is still not as convenient as sitting in front of a TV to relax.

Yes, I am a Brit. No, TV in the UK is not good.

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