please stop the ridiculously stupid husband ads

Just saw a new holiday spot last night for Lowes. (Can't find a version online, if you can, send a link). The ad features an obviously brain dead husband attempting to find the right gift for his wife. He asks a cute blond Lowes employee to "play his wife."

He proceeds to pick out gifts like a leaf blower, a drill, and other "man tools" to her disappointment, until they land on the ultimate romantic spa bathtub. Puhleeze.

Dumb ass husbands - ok. Even entertaining, if they're funny. Husband that doesn't understand a leaf blower isn't a great gift for the wife? Make it stop.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A vigorous AE might say that commercial is a great way to communicate that most of what Lowes sells isn't what what the woman wants. I suppose someone felt it was too sensible to depict a woman buying a gift for her husband there. But the clueless husband is so pervasive it takes gre4at concepting and execution to pull it off.

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