not in love with the car cash guys

I'm selling my car. Having heard countless spots for Car Cash, I figured I'd call to see if I'd too be in love with the car cash guys. (You need to sing that last part, out loud)

Of course, I started online. I was stoked to see that they offered a live chat option, and immediately signed in. Name, car details, phone number. The response from my "live" chat Car Cash representative? "Someone will contact you via the number you've supplied, within the next couple of hours."

Why sell this as live chat? Why not just say fill out this form, and we'll call you? That would easily position the experience as a positive - rather than a lie. Instead, I'm left thinking that I just got tricked into giving out some of my personal information. When they finally called, I was so turned off, that I didn't care what the value of my vehicle was. My experience with car cash was officially over.

Car Cash: You can't fake the online experience. We know the difference. (Oh - and monitor resolutions are bigger now - your site feels like it was designed for a cell phone screen.) Lesson learned: Be genuine.




My name is Andrew. I work at 1-800 CAR CASH®.

I guess you can say I am one of "THE CAR CASH GUYS™".

I am sorry that you felt that dejected from us and by our service

During 2006 we did have some issues with our Live Chat and Click-to-Talk Services. We do try to provide the highest quality of customer service and professionalism.

On top of that, at that time our Live Chat agents were not authorized to give out quotes. So if you did do a LIVE CHAT with one of our Agents, they would have passed it along to either myself or one of my co-workers.

The website we had was an improvement for what was before that. Nothing is made perfect the first time.

At 1-800 CAR CASH®, Our protocol is to help everyone and treat everyone equally.

In your statement, you did not speak of the service of the phone call that you did receive. You only made mention to the fact that you were turned off to the fact that there was no one to help you at that particular moment.

I invite you to view our NEW Website.

Totally different in every capacity that you can think of. Monitor Res is now the standard 1024 x 768, YouTube Car Cash Videos, Embedded Commercial from CitySearch, Google Maps, directions, MSN LIVE directions, the website is designed as a blog, we have our own TAG CLOUD, new COUPON with Special Bonus, improved live chat support, INSTANT QUOTE for consumers to get quote themselves, Bookmarking social media groups (, technorati, digg, etc...), you can translate the website into just about ANY major language using the latest Google Translation tools, Photobucket slideshow, a GABCAST that I personally do, some of our radio ads, links to relevant articles dealing with auto news in our industry, we have a blog list, interactive polls so car cash can gauge the market via our website, Subscribe to RSS feeds, etc.

I could go on more if you would like, but I think you get the idea.

I know that I am writing this roughly 2 years after the fact, but just to set the record straight and to let all of your readers as well as yourself know that what you experienced is not the normal experience from our website

If you would like to discuss this further...please contact me directly @ 1-800-227-2274, x712.


Andrew B.
VP Internet Marketing + Sales

1-800 CAR CASH®
625 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

darryl ohrt said...

Hey Andrew - nice response, and best of luck with the new site.

1-800 CAR CASH said...

Thanks Darryl...

Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I just went to the carcash website today 8/24/08 and had the same experience. The "Live Quote" operator merely collected my info and told me someone would get back to me. Kind of miffed, I went to the form this time and filled out the info only to hit submit and get the same a-representative-will-call-you-later response. Their website blows and is utterly useless. You're better off ebaying your car at this rate.

Unknown said...

Or you could take a ride across to Queens and sell your car at Big Bucks Auto. Selling your car privately can be difficult, so we do try to make it esay for you to sell your car.

Anonymous said...

I sold my car at carcash and was very happy with the service and the price paid, even higher then Big Bucks’ At the end of the day the place that gives me the most money for my car and the quickest service wins, that was CarCash for me.

I could care less about the chat agents, website design, etc.. Just give me my Cash and CarCash did just that..

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