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This is a story about Kim Westad. She's this incredibly talented designer that used to work at our agency. Actually, she was the first ever girl at our firm. I think she once even kicked David in the nuts. Or maybe it was Kevin. Anyway, she's since went onto a career as a potter. She says "ceramist", but I think Potter sounds funnier.

Turns out she's smarter than everyone else in our industry. While we're all stressing about deadlines, and clients, and stress, and browser widths, and stress, and stuff, she's holding clay on a pottery wheel. Or whatever you call that spinning thing.

And now - you can check out her beautious work at a Solo Exhibition, at the Kiva Cafe Tribeca, 229 Hudson Street between Broome and Canal Street, New York, now through January 20, 2007. Stop by - but don't break anything.

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Dabitch said...

ooooh, those are really nice!

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