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Today we're kicking off a pre-holiday black-friday bonanza spectacular gift guide palooza feature that you can't miss blitz. Every few days, we'll point to a fun, unique gift for the creative person in your life. Unique ideas, that you won't typically find at the mall.

Today - we feature two cool gifts:

Creative people love paper. Even the internet types. At Ex Libris Anonymous, you can buy hand made journals with covers from vintage books. The journals are individual productions - so the inventory is constantly changing. Really unique and nostalgic gift, from $12 - $15 each.

And, one gift for the bloggers and photographers. At Blurb , you can turn your blog, or your photographs, into a book. An actual hardcover, library bound book. Document a trip, a pet, or your blog for the people in your life who care. Apple's been doing this for a while with iPhoto, and Blurb seems to have taken this to another level. Starting at $18.95.

Get shopping.

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Anonymous said...

I am part of a start up company, and after reading your post on Blurb, I thought you might like to know about beta iMemoryBook as well. It is an online memory book system that we just released. Unlike blurb there is nothing to download because it is all Web 2.0 (drag and drop). Plus it is completely collaborative. You whole family can get together and create a book. Take a look at it.

Next year we will be releasing a import feature that works for:

Blogs, MS Word, and even Online Obituaries

Happy Christmas,

Jeff Harmon
Team iMemoryBook

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