cheerios puts books in boxes

In a new promotion tied to National Children's Book Week, Cheerios has put books in their boxes of cereal.

They've modified the packaging to include a window where buyers can see what book they're getting. Great packaging idea. Not just for your tummy, and your heart - but your head too. (eesh. Sorry).


Anonymous said...

Kudos to General Mills for promoting literacy, as opposed to Kellogg's, who recently had a program called "Eet and Ern" ( that promoted... um... well I guess it promoted that correct vowel usage and spelling was just too much to ask of America's youth.

Anonymous said...

This is hardly a new promotion. It was more than six months ago (at least) that I purchased a box of Cheerios at a northern Sydney IGA store, containing a copy of Roald Dahl's 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. My three-year-old loved it. I would have thought he would be too young for Dahl so the promotion taught me something. Also he didn't mind the Cheerios either!

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