wish you were there

So our agency is back in action today, after a long weekend in Puerto Rico, attending the VIA 2007 Planning Meetings.

You can see the Flickr photo set here (about 2/3 way down, under VIA field trips). We'll be adding more shots over the next couple of days.

Our meetings were really incredible - and we're stoked about some really cool ideas that we'll be implementing over the next 12 months. Here's a quick overview of the stuff we can tell you about so far:

BrandFlakes: Some major content concepts for our blog here, that should give all of our readers even more excuses to stop working, and start reading. I think we've come up with a couple of ideas that really aren't being done anywhere - and will have great value to marketers. More soon.

VIA holiday card: Our agency has built a little bit of a reputation for outlandish holiday cards. A super productive brainstorm netted the concept that could very well top them all. Just wait.

VIA Publishing: I've been working on a book, marrying punk rock philosophy to branding. I've written a couple of articles that touch on the concept - here, and here. We came up with some ideas that are going to make this happen in a fresh, inspiring way.

VIA client service: We're planning to open BaseCamp to our clients, so they'll have online access to all of their projects, and be able to collaborate with us in new ways. We'll begin testing this in December, with a goal of launching in January/February.

And there were quite a few other awesome brainstorms, producing some really fun ideas, and some new plans that will make us a better, stronger, and more wonderful agency. I'm stoked.

And, there was also quite a bit of fun:

On the way to the rain forest, we stopped at a taco stand in the middle of nowhere, for lunch. Really funny scene with five people who can't speak a word of Spanish, and two taco makers who can't speak a word of English. A bunch of delicious surprise food followed.

I discovered the Puma outlet store in old San Juan. Mmmmmm. Puma.

Cramming five people into a cab never gets tired.

They were shooting an episode of Kidnapped in Puerto Rico, and all of the actors stayed in our hotel. Giuli got to meet an actor from one of her favorite shows, Oz.

Mmmmm. Lots of excellent Puerto Rican food.

One of the most amazing life experiences EVER. And worth the trip to Puerto Rico, all on it's own - the bioluminescence tour. Words can't describe this - as the ocean actually glows in the dark with movement. We kayaked out well after sunset, and swam in a lagoon with bioluminescent micro thing-a-ma-jigs. I don't remember all of the science around all of these creatures - but the effect is stunning. The water actually glows in the dark when you touch it, move it, splash it. There are only seven places in the world where this phenomenon exists, and three of them are in Puerto Rico. AMAZING.

Phew. Looking forward to 2007.


Anonymous said...

So, how do I get on the VIA holiday card list?

darryl ohrt said...

Send me an email with your contact info, and we'll add you to our list!

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