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Here's what happened this week at the world's most virtual design and branding firm:

We spent more time than we should have in Second Life. We've found a great office space, and are in the process of building it out. That's the space above. We'll be putting in either wood or concrete floors, and a conference room that mirrors the one in our first life. Some other stuff, too - which we'll reveal later. We've intentially chosen a space that's smaller than our first life space - to accurately represent who we are - a small, boutique firm.

Justus entertained the crowd at the Second Life CNET symposium, with what we call a special "pants dance" on the stage, to the surprise of the symposium speakers. Not sure if the executives from Sun Microsystems were as entertained as we were, but the crowd really liked it.

David and Leigh started work on a nice site for a cool gadget for another, larger agency. We're the 'behind the scenes' secret weapon, so we can't tell anyone just yet. Great work, nonetheless.

We spent some time pre-planning for our planning meeting in Puerto Rico, next week (more on this one later).

We started the remodel on our lunch area (in the real world, not Second Life). Giuli ordered the dishwasher and cool new sink, and the plumber comes next week. Believe that, when I see it. You think big agency Creative Directors are rock stars, you should try working with a plumber.

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