shoppers online to buy offline

Duct Tape Marketing points to a study that shows people spend time on the internet researching products, and then go to local bricks and mortar stores to buy them. This is a popular internet use, the study says.

The comScore study also found that performing a local search drives consumers to take action. During the second quarter of 2006, 47 percent of local searchers visited a local merchant as a result of their search behavior, while 41 percent made contact offline.

Duh. Always funny how studies can prove the obvious. But just in case you need a funded study to help justify your own funded marketing budget, here you go.

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*IPHQ* said...

I know that this is true for me. I always search online to find where something is in stock before I go running around to try and find it. The problem lately is that a lot of web sites are just flat out wrong.

And I'm not talking little Ma & Pa shope either. Places like and have been wrong a lot lately which is frustrating.

You'd think with a companies that are that large, with massive interactive departments (I know simply because they are both based here in Minneapolis), that they'd have their sh** together. But they don't.

There have been several times in the past several weeks where both stores, which I frequent a lot, have lost my business to simply because their web sites were wrong. Whoops.

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