save the pig

ReginaldPike, the crew famous for some of the most awesome campaigns ever, is saving the pig. Some pig that was in some spot, that now everyone loves. But not in a bacon kind of way. You can help save the pig too - by purchasing a pig t-shirt. The proceeds go to his care and feeding.

Here's the email that the pig is sending around, in an attempt to save his ass:

My name is Red.

I'm a pig.
Recently I had a supporting role in a television commercial for a
major international cellular telephone provider. The commercial was
directed by the Perlorian Brothers and written by Mother NY.

Everyone was very nice to me, and I think I did a pretty decent job
for my first time on set, but I've since learned that I'm scheduled to
be slaughtered in a week. This is not good for an actor's career. I
knew it was a non-union job and the residuals weren't anything to get
excited about, but I wasn't expecting to be hung by my foot and have
my throat slit.

Fortunately, my new friends at Reginald Pike, Toronto, Biscuit, L.A.,
and Mother are working to find me a new home at a petting zoo
(despite all this, I love humans). You can help me too by getting a
limited edition t-shirt with my picture on it at ReginaldPike.

They're only $20 and proceeds go to my care and feeding.

Please help.

Mmmm. I smell bacon.

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