retail - the new way to re-animate a brand?

Apple did it. Puma and Adidas both did it.

Now Levis plans to open 20 stores across the US. I'm old enough to remember when you could buy Levis at the Gap. And when the Gap pulled them, the Levis brand slid downhill. The last couple of years have been very good to the brand - and with a plan to launch new retail stores, Levis could very well be on the way back.

Branded stores done correctly set the brand apart from the pack, and let us fall in love with them. Apple, Diesel, Hurley, Puma and Adidas have all done this well. Levis has attempted the store thing before, and failed - but the marketplace is different now. And they've re-tooled their product offering. I have a feeling that Levis has a chance here. Store placement and design are key, IMO, and I haven't been to the 14th street store yet. This will be interesting to watch, and see what long term impact it has on the brand.

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