oh, the fun we've had in second life

We've been exploring and playing in Second Life, a lot lately. Yesterday, I'd say it might have gotten in the way of productivity, just a little ;)

A couple of observations:
Two major agency announcements from big guys Leo Burnett and BBH. The fact that they've 'opened offices in Second Life' has generated a ton of publicity for them. We visited both of their spots.

At the Leo Burnett agency, you'll see by the sign above on their space - that they're not really open yet. So don't believe the hype. They weren't there - their space wasn't active (other than competing agency folk), and they weren't doing anything. Pretty much just a press release, I guess.

At BBH however, we met quite a few people from other agencies, all over the world. And some dude from BBH, too. Giuli met Mook from 40Weight and got a tour of their Second Life office, currently under construction. Cool guys.

But I believe it was Justus' pants that stole the show. You might call them pants, anyway - they're really red, white and blue body paint. So patriotic. And when David dons his penis accoutrements - well, lets just say everyone cleared the room real quick. Or should I say Denise? David unknowingly gave himself a girl's name. He was going for D-Nice - but, spelled "deenice", it really reads more like Denise. So now he wears a detachable penis around town, to avoid confusion.

Our Second Life office will be open soon - and you'll all be invited to join us for a virtual beer.

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