jun group guarantees an audience for your viral campaign

I met with a real interesting company the other day, and figured I'd share a little about them.

The Jun Group helps get word of mouth marketing programs noticed. Sure - you can produce an amazing video clip and put it on GooTube. You can create a clever microsite, or MySpace page. But how do you drive eyeballs to it?

The Jun Group uses their unique access to peer-to-peer networks to consistently reach very large numbers of influencers. And - it's guaranteed. They get paid on a CPM basis - so they deliver real numbers. This is an interesting business - in that there are plenty of agencies (like ours) who can produce wonderfully entertaining viral type communications - but delivery is still somewhat primitive. What the Jun Group offers is today's equivalent of media buying. Media buying for viral media.

They've already launched some pretty impressive, succesful campaigns, like Coke's Stageside promotion, above. Pretty cool company - we're going to give them a shot on our next campaign.

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