jules feiffer exhibit at sva

I was fortunate to check out the Jules Feiffer exhibit now on display at SVA in NYC.

I don't usually go for what I call "high brow" cartoons. In fact, when I think of cartoons, I usually imagine South Park. Or the Simpsons. Not the stuff that requires a little bit of intellect to comprehend. Not Pulitzer Prize-winning, not New York Times, not New Yorker type cartoons.

But I checked out his show anyway. And it was quite the inspiration. One piece in particular, was completely inspiring - and if I can find a link to it somewhere, I'll add that later.

It's always great to see how other creative people think - so to see Jules' sketch and writing process on a legal pad - next to the published piece (pictured above) - amazing. Check it out, if you have a chance. The show ends on December 2.

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