happy halloween. the xmas ads are here.

Another reason to bludgeon a media buyer today. I always pay attention to when I see the first holiday ads each year. And each year, it's a little earlier. Today, I came across the Pier 1 banner above. October 18. Only more than two months to get your holiday shopping done. Puhleeze.

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Anonymous said...

Ditto on that Darryl. I was at Pier One 2 weeks ago and they already had Christmas merchandise out and completely overlooked and skipped any halloween or Thanksgiving merchandise. Jake - my four year old - was disappointed he couldn't pick up any of those cute little wooden holiday trinkets they usually had around those holidays.
Who knows..maybe they just didn't turn a profit on those holidays. But I agree - the faster we all go (meaning us peeps) the faster these retailers have to roll things out to us. Who's driving who? - I wonder.

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